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Favorite Tools

Below are a few tools I use or have used which have helped me run my business. 

*These items are affiliate links. There is no additional cost to you. However, when you click the link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission. Please click here to read my full disclosure.



One of my clients introduced me to Asana. Asana is a task and project management platform which will help you and those you collaborate with stay organized and on track. Users can create tasks, assign them to others, and schedule deadlines. It can be overwhelming but once you have templates and get into the flow of it, you and your team can be even more productive. There three plans – including the Free Forever plan! 



An easy to use graphic design program I absolutely love and have used for years! You get access to thousands of templates for brochures, gifs, infographics, presentations, social media, videos, and more. Did I mention its free? If you purchase one of their plans, you get access to the “Magic Resize” feature, more templates, and you can have a brand kit to store your colors, font, and logos.


Save 20% off your first month or year!

Dubsado is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which can help streamline your business.  Dubsado (and HoneyBook) offers automation (workflows), client portals, templates (brochures, forms, invoicing, proposals, questionnaires) as well as integrations with other systems to help streamline your service-based business. For me, Dubsado was a lot to setup. Which is probably why the  free trial doesn’t have a time limit. But it is limited to three (3) clients.  Dubsado processes payments through PayPal, Square or Stripe.  If you’re searching for a system which is highly customizable for your brand, you need a variety of options for automations, or you have multiple brands, Dubsado may work for you. At this time, HoneyBook is a better fit for me. Read more about HoneyBook below.

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

I’ve used Gmail for years. When I launched my business, I knew using Google would be a great fit. All of the plans include business Gmail account, Calendar, Chat, Currents, Docs, Drive, Forms, Keep Shared Notes, Meet, Sheets, Sites and Slides. Google Drive also integrates with a lot of applications including Asana, HoneyBook, and Slack.  



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Two things which influenced my decision to cross-over to HoneyBook were the app and the ability to send and reply to emails within the platform. HoneyBook offers a 14-day trial. Unlike Dubsado, payments are processed directly through HoneyBook. Clients can pay by ACH (eCheck) bank transfers or with a major credit card or debit card. HoneyBook integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, QuickBooks, and Zapier. If you’re looking for something that is pretty simple and easy to setup, HoneyBook may work for you. ​


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PLANOLY is for Instagram and Pinterest. I primarily use it for Instagram. If your Instagram feed has a specific style which requires a lot planning to ensure its cohesive, you should consider PLANOLY. PLANOLY provides a visual representation of your Instagram feed. Thanks to the Drag and Drop feature, you can easily move your content around. You also can create new or import your Canva designs directly within PLANOLY's web version.  The free plan is limited to 30 uploads/not scheduled post each month.​



Slack can help your team cut down on all the emails back and forth. Create “Channels” for your projects, teams, or send private messages.  It’s more than an Instant Message (chat) platform. Slack integrates with over 2,400 apps!  On the free plan you’re limited to 10 apps.

The Contract Shop*


If you're not the DIY type (or you don’t want to fork out your life savings for an attorney), then I strongly recommend taking a look at The Contract Shop®’s pre-written templates!

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