Keeping You Socially Connected

Are You Ready To Be Socially Connected?

It’s a new year, new quarter, new month…etc. At some point you and your team may have discussed launching your next big product, service, your annual event or fundraiser, and someone may have mentioned utilizing social media.

If you’re serious about reaching your community (audience) through social media, you need to do more than just mention it once and awhile in your meetings – you need to have a plan. Why? Social media like any other part of your business needs to be strategic and intentional.

How do you know you’re ready to be socially connected?

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For starters…​

  • You have your social media life preserver (social media strategy). Your strategy should align with your overall business and marketing goals.

  • You have a content marketing plan. Your plan answers who will create your content, who is your target audience, which methods you’re going to use to share your content, and how you plan to distribute your content.

  • You have a social media policy. Your policy should encourage your employees to share your content by using social media, detail what is appropriate and inappropriate usage, your process for questions, concerns, and consequences for inappropriate usage.

  • You’ve recently completed a social media audit. Your audit will answer what’s working, what’s not working and what you need to do differently.

Well? Are you ready to be socially connected? Let's chat about how we can help your business by keeping you socially connected.

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