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Hiya! I'm Katrina.
It's nice to meet you! 

In addition to loving social media...if you can't tell - I also love elephants and fun filters! 

My Story

I have over sixteen years of working with a variety of environments. My experience includes administrative support, event management, and social media. I bring my leadership skills and ability to coordinate multiple projects at one time to my day-to-day work in planning, training, and execution for my external and internal clients. I add value to clients through process improvement and proactive communication and I am results driven.

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I've used social media for years. Through my work as an administrative specialist for the nonprofit industry of a national consulting firm, I began working closely with nonprofit organizations and associations by helping them meet their internal and membership training goals by coordinating the firm’s faculty of training staff online and at on-site locations. For three years, I helped my team incorporate social media into our marketing strategy, assisted with managing the group’s Facebook profile, created content/editorial calendars, and managed the social media for their large conferences. 

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The Meaning of My Logo 

I have always been drawn to elephants and what they symbolize. My business represents the joy, longevitypridestrength, and wisdom of the elephant. These are attributes that

are part of the foundation of my business.

The two elephants represent you and I coming together as I assist with

 keeping you socially connected.

Logo Designed by: Kristina Celin | Designing Gig LLC



For more information about my certifications,  click on the each certificate.


I enjoy a variety of genres.

Open Book

I've been an avid reader since I was a youngster. Growing up I was fortunate to have easy access to books and developed a love for reading for fun.  A few of my favorite authors include E.Lynn  Harris, Nikki Michelle, Jodi Picoult, and  Noelle Vella.


Along with my husband, I am a big movie lover. My watchlist is well over 100.  Some of my favorites are Candyman, Imitation of Life, Soul Food, and The Best Man.


Nothing like a good playlist on a long road trip! A few of my favorite artists are 112, Billie Ellish,  Ginuwine, Demi Lovato, and Rihanna.

 Fun fact - I don't have any rhythm. But it doesn't stop me from trying to dance :-).  

Remote Controls
T.V. Shows

Just like my movie watchlist, this watchlist is well over 100. A few of my favorites are 48 Hours, Queen Sugar, The Blacklist, and Yellowstone.

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